Home Buyers Guide Home Buyers Guide

Outline of steps for Selling a Home:

Only a few tips and ideas are listed here. Be sure to get an experienced real estate agent to advise you and help with the sale of your home. They are professionally educated and licensed. Attempting to manage all the selling details for yourself can be overwhelming and unsuccessful.

I. Preparing Your Home to be Attractive to Buyers.

What you do to prepare your home for sale can depend on it's condition.

Renovations that are market-smart:

  1. Give Kitchen a facelift, cabinets, countertops, flooring.
  2. In the bathroom, good lighting, large mirrors, attractive fixtures.
  3. Energy Efficient improvements are popular such as windows and doors.
  4. Remove all clutter.

II. Setting the Right Asking Price.

Pricing your home too high will likely end up with you getting less than it is worth. You want to get it right.

  1. Have your realtor do a professional Comparative Market Analysis.
  2. Consider how quickly you want to sell. Too much time on the market can cause the home to go for less than it would have if priced properly.

III. Marketing Your Home.

There is no substitute for an experienced realtor here.

How buyers find your home:

  1. Internet - Such as this web site and many others associated with the MLS system.
  2. The Sign in the Yard
  3. Referrals by real estate agents

IV. Showing Your Home.

  1. Keep your home available and ready to show.
  2. Have home well lighted.
  3. Highlight home's best features.
  4. Make sure there are no odors.

V. Successful Negotiating after a Reasonable Offer.

  1. Examine offer contract carefully.
  2. Understand and respect the potential buyer's priorities.
  3. Respond to Offer quickly.
  4. Accept the offer, propose a counter offer, or reject the offer.

VI. Closing the Deal

  1. Be patient, buyer must secure financing, request a title search and maybe an inspection.
  2. Collect keys and any other items to give to buyer.
  3. You will be responsible for real estate taxes up to the date of sale.


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